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Hey, multitool lovers, why do you love multitools?

A scissor can cut paper, but it cannot screw, or pry, or file nails. Scissors cannot solve many tasks. The solution is to create a multi-functional item. The item was called a multitool, which is a handy pocket tool that can handle several functions. Multitools help people a lot to make their life more comfortable and tasks more straightforward. We can save a massive amount of time and energy so you can spend more time doing what you want to do. Multitools can be your assistants who can promote your creativity and productivity. Among many tools that have more than one function, the multitool is the best multi-function tool in the whole world.

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Understanding about multitools with several functions

Here’s a specific item for a more fundamental understanding: SOG Powerplay 19-in-1 Multi tool Hex Bit Kit + Nylon Sheath, which is one of the best rated multitools.

While it’s closed, the length is 4.225 inches and its blade length is 2.25 inches. Its thickness is 0.78 inches, and weight is only 7.93 oz. Based on the specifications, this model is small and compact. You can bring it everywhere without worrying about its size and weight.

The total number of tools on this model is 19. This is an impressive number of tools. Some of the tools included are full serrated blade, bottle opener, wire crimper, wire cutter, wood saw, ruler, bolt grip channel, and so on. Notably, it has a hex bit kit.

What is a hex bit kit?

Many people need hex bits, particularly DIYers. Let’s see some advantages of hex bits:

  • Separating screwdriving bits can minimize the cost of bit replacement
  • Hex bits are flexible, so we can immediately replace bits in multitools
  • Prices of bits are reasonable so that we do not have to spend a significant amount of money for bit fixing
  • Bits storage is convenient because of the small size of the bits

What are the names of reputable multitool brands?

Multitool brands can only become reputable and reliable when they produce high quality multitools. These brands have long-term product development and attractive background in sales of multitools. They have gained plenty of satisfaction from customers from reviews, feedbacks, revenue, total multitools sold, and so on. They also have excellent warranty, shipping systems, customer services, and so on. Here is some brands of

Best multitool on the market:

  • SOG
  • Leatherman
  • CRKT
  • Victorinox
  • Gerber

How to choose a high quality multi tool

We know that many unidentified sellers try to lie us to sell their fake multitools. They aim to get more profit, so their items will not meet the requirements of legitimate productions. They may cause injuries, have a short-term warranty, short useful life, mistakes in the products, and so on. Tips to choose good multitools:

  • Understanding the tool functions and expectations of quality
  • Purchasing from reliable stores and sellers
  • Reading all reviews for more information
  • Asking manufacturers to check validity of the product

In conclusion

I hope my article was useful for you. You can rely on the data from the article or

Top rated multi tools to make decisions about whether you should buy a certain multitool item. Be a wise shopper who can identify which sellers are good, and which sellers are bad. Finally, thank you for visiting and reading the article. Have a good day!

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